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Engaging communities, encouraging healthy living and removing financial barriers to access are the cornerstones of what the Community Use of Schools Program (CUS) is built on.

This program allows our Board to offer available space at many of our schools to qualifying Not-for-profit organizations and individuals through our online permitting system.

Many different user groups of all ages have made use of the available time at our elementary and secondary
facilities such as:

Sports Groups

Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, Football, Gymnastics, Fitness Programs, Badminton, Hockey

Child and Youth Leadership Groups

Girl Guides, Navy League, Sea Cadets

Other Community Groups

Community Access Network Committees, Choirs, Ornithological Society, Boating Certification, Parish Activities,
Square Dancing

...maybe we can assist you too !!

Classification Requirements:

Not-for-profit organizations are entities, normally without transferable ownership interests, organized and operated exclusively for social, educational, professional, religious, health, charitable or any other not-for-profit purpose. A not-for-profit organization's members, contributors and other resource providers do not, in such capacity, receive any financial return directly from the organization.

A charitable organization is an organization established and operated for charitable purposes that devotes its resources to charitable activities. The organization must be registered with Revenue Canada as a charity, under the Income Tax Act. Under the Ontario Charities Accounting Act, all charities operating in Ontario must be registered with the Public Trustees Office to be recognized as an incorporated charity.

Joint use: The Board recognizes the "Joint Use Agreements" (reciprocal agreements) with the municipalities, townships, and diocese. The uses under these agreements are at "no charge" unless there is a requirement for special arrangements for staffing or equipment.



Schedule of Fees 2018-2019

Classification Rental Fee
Hourly Rate
Custodial Rate
Saturday &
Hourly Rate
Admin Fee
Per Permit

Per Booking
Damage Fee
A Non-Profit / Charitable Organizations - Children Groups
(participants under 18 years old)
$10.00 100% $40.00 0% $25.00 100% $10.00 $3.00 100% TBD
B Non-Profit / Charitable Organizations - Adult Groups
(participants over 18 years old)
$10.00 0% $40.00 0% $25.00 100% $10.00 $3.00 0% TBD
C Profit-Making Groups and Organizations TBD - TBD - TBD - TBD TBD - TBD
D Board Partnerships - Joint Use Agreements $10.00 100% $40.00 0% $25.00 100% $10.00 $3.00 100% TBD
E SCDSB Board/School Related Groups - - - - - - - - - -

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