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Our Kindergarten Program

Our Kindergarten program begins with our caring staff, whose patience, kindness and empathy bear witness to their genuine love for small children. The program will provide your child with organized educational activities appropriate for young learners, taking into account physical, intellectual, social and emotional needs.

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French as a Second Language

Sudbury Catholic Schools offer early French Immersion and Core French programs available to all students. The French Immersion program is a highly successful approach to second language learning in which students receive instruction in French for a significant portion of the day. The Core French program is taught as one subject within the SCDSB Reglar Program curriculum from Grades 4-12.

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21s Century Skills: Technology at Sudbury Catholic Schools

Our students and teachers integrate technology in the classroom everyday. In using technology, they are all sharing the same goals:

• to provide inquiry based learning opportunities for our students
• to provide equal access to technology and digital tools of the 21’st century
• to provide our students with authentic learning experiences, and
• to foster 21’st century skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and teamwork

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Experiential Learning

Secondary students may choose to participate in Experiential Learning opportunities available within the Sudbury Catholic District School Board.  These specific programs offer a contextualized learning environment helping students focus on exploring and solidifying their career aspirations.

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Faith and Tradition

Sudbury Catholic District School Board is proud of our Catholic faith and traditions.  The Gospel values of Jesus Christ permeates every aspect of our daily school life including the curriculum, assessments, instructional approaches and teacher and student resources. In all we do, we strive to provide the best in education through teachings revealed by the Gospel.

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Safe and Accepting Schools

The mission of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board is to provide all students with a Catholic education that includes the knowledge, skills and values required to live a meaningful and faith filled life. The Board is committed to making each and every one of its schools a caring place that is safe for one’s faith development and learning.

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Special Education

Schools under the jurisdiction of the Sudbury Catholic District School Board exist primarily to assist parents in developing to the fullest the academic, the intellectual, spiritual, physical, cultural and moral growth of their children. The aims of education for exceptional pupils are essentially the same as those for all other students: to develop completely their individual talents as members of society and as unique and responsible Christian persons, and to provide them with opportunities to grow in Faith and in an understanding of the nature and purpose of life.

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Green Initiatives

The Sudbury Catholic District School Board supports, promotes and practices programs for students and staff that foster stewardship of the earth and the wise use of resources.

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Roots of Empathy

Roots of Empathy is an innovative classroom parenting program which fosters development of empathy in elementary school children. This program has been introduced as a pilot program in six area schools thanks to the efforts of many community groups/agencies and individuals.

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Best Start

Best Start is a movement in the province to provide daycares and before and after school programs in many of our schools.  It is a tri-level project between school boards, provincial government and the City of Sudbury.  Currently, Best Start Hubs are located at Pius XII, St. Francis and St. Charles Elementary School. We have recently received funding for a new Daycare facility at Immaculate Conception School in Val Caron.  Final funding for completion of the Daycare at St. Bernadette has been received.

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